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EBR & SA Friendship Appreciation Thread #25:

SA ღ EBR appreciation #25

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Rickards and Stephen Amell—have the kind of chemistry rarely seen

Their genuine affection and compassion makes every Olicity scene sparkle and spark.

“Rickards and Amell are the basic definition of ‘sexual tension’”

It was the best use of something live !

His lips are like little pillow mountains

He was very kind not to bite

"we usually just try to make each other laugh"

"There is no really a boundary between us anymore as actors"

‘They have so much chemistry, it’s literally insane,if they were our friends in real life, we would all be going, ‘dude, why aren’t you two together? ‘ - andrew kreisberg

How quickly the chemistry came together,was it instant? ‘for me, personally, it was just immediate…it was right from the start.’ - stephen amell

Rickards and Amell further prove why they have carried Arrow on their backs for so long.

Their chemistry is electric especially towards the end of the episode.

Nobody puts Em Bett in corner - Stephen Amell

Sometimes you can’t really predict when fate might intervene and bring together two actors that, when together, bring the kind of chemistry and heart to two characters that Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards have done with Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity.

The chemistry between Oliver and Felicity is the kind you don’t see too often. It’s magical. They can say a million words with a single look or a single motion. They’re so in sync with each other that they often mirror each other’s body language. It’s the stuff of magic. No, it’s the stuff of fate.

"Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards seem to be so comfortable with each other, that every look, every touch seem to be completely natural."

“Reversal” was a testament to their chemistry and how well they work together.

"Working into the night with your best friend"- Emily Better Rickards about Stephen Amell

"side note: @stephenamell we should probably sleep soon."- Emily Better Rickards to Stephen Amell


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